The Agency’s primary aims are:

  • To relieve poverty and disadvantage.
  • To advance learning.
  • To further participation and citizenship.


Wester Hailes Youth Agency strives to promote, establish, and operate sustainable services and facilities, which integrate environmental, social and economic factors for the benefit of young people aged 8-25, within Wester Hailes and the surrounding communities of Broomhouse, Sighthill, Parkhead, Baberton, Juniper Green and Longstone.

Principles & Values

Our youth work is informed by a set of beliefs that include a commitment to equal opportunities, and to young people as partners in learning and decision making.  We believe that the needs, abilities, and aspirations of young people should be recognised, understood, and met within a supportive environment, which encourages them to achieve their goals and make real measurable progress.  We endeavour to value the whole person and not focus solely on the problems or difficulties that young people may present. 


The Agency is managed by a Board of Directors, who are elected from the company membership at annual general meetings. The Board ensures responsible stewardship of the company business and the strategic development of the organisation as a whole.

The Board employs a Manager who is charged with the task of developing youth services in line with the agreed strategy and the overall management of the organisation.


The work of the Agency broadly reflects the principles of lifelong learning, social inclusion and active citizenship, which are promoted by the Scottish Executive and the City of Edinburgh Council. These principles are embodied in our approach by providing additional educational opportunities in a variety of complimentary settings, targeting young people who are socially excluded from existing provisions and providing new ways of involving young people in their community.