The Agency recognises that the contemporary environment in which many young people live. Many young people live in overcrowded conditions with little access to suitable recreation areas. Recreational opportunities are often prejudiced by social and economic pressures, by the fear of abuse, bullying and violence, by the effects of racism, sexism and other social inequalities.

The Agency recognises that recreation is essential to every young person’s life and is vital to the process of human development. It provides the mechanism for young people to explore the world around them, and is the medium through which skills are developed and practised; it is essential for physical, emotional, and spiritual growth, and for acquiring social and behavioural skills.

The Youth Agency presently provides an open youth club and drop in programme from the Pyramid Youth Centre. The Pyramid provides young people with a place to meet their friends that is unstructured and informal. The Pyramid sessions are self-directed and aim to improve young people’s personal and social development, through access to social and recreational opportunities.