Schools Work

S6 Training

The aim of the training is to prepare S6 pupils to work with younger pupils in their school.  The training involves exploring issues around communication, listening skills, child protection and school transitions.  This allows the S6 pupils to be involved in prefecting, paired reading, peer education, peer mentoring and a buddy room, which provides a safe and comfortable area for younger students to come along to and have the opportunity to build relationships with their peers, who may be facing similar issues. 

The S6 pupils benefit from the experience of providing support for their peers and working together with others, while the younger pupils have positive older role models who can help support them to address any issues they may be facing.

Sexual Health and Relationship Education

Youth Agency Staff are currently involved in the delivery of SHARE to S2/S3/S4 pupils. SHARE is a research based sex and relationships educational curriculum for 12-16 year olds aimed at promoting communication with peers, parents and partners. The programme also includes issues associated with sexual health, provides information on issues arising from discussions and enables young people to make informed decisions regarding their own sexual health. As well as being involved in SHARE the Youth Agency delivers sexual health programmes to S5 & S6 pupils aimed at providing the young people involved with the opportunity to identify and explore issues relating to their sexual health and emotional wellbeing.


The Youth Agency offers a variety of groupwork programmes to local secondary schools, these are developed in consultation with Pupil Support staff.  Young people are identified and referred through Pupil Support Groups, attendance is voluntary and programmes include promoting positive peer relationships, transition work, challenging behaviour, anger management, coping strategies, school attendance, confidence and resilience, anti social behaviour and communication and listening skills.