Corporate Fundraising

The Youth Agency would be delighted to be chosen as the nominated charity for your company. Developing a partnership with the Youth Agency would mean great PR for any activities that you hold, therefore building your profile within the local community.

There are a number of ways you can encourage your colleagues to raise funds on behalf of the Youth Agency:

  • Organising events to raise money (dress down days, cake baking days, etc)
  • Through Payroll Giving
  • By opening a Corporate Freedom Account
  • Using Everyclick as their search engine
  • Using Clever Squirrel to donate their past pensions, insurance schemes, investments
  • Selling items on Ebay in support of the Agency
  • Gifts in kind through professional expertise

If you are interested in setting up Payroll giving at your workplace you can obtain more information by visiting The Geared for Giving website, The Charities Aid Foundation's website or by downloading their Payroll Giving information sheet.

Payroll Giving

Giving direct from your pay is tax free and helps The Youth Agency make concrete plans for the future. If you pledge £10 from your gross salary each month, it will only cost you £7.80, but the Youth Agency receives £10 thanks to the Inland Revenue

You can join the Give As You Earn scheme if your salary or pension is taxed through PAYE and your employer offers a GAYE scheme. All you need to do is:

  • check with your payroll department that your company offers the scheme,
  • decide how much you would like to give each pay day,
  • complete and return your Give As You Earn form

If your employer hasn’t yet signed up to the payroll giving scheme, why don’t you suggest it, you can visit the Geared For Giving website to find out more about how Payroll Giving can help.