A Trip Down Memory Lane... All About Kirsty

It is that time again and this month Kirsty is sharing some tales from when she was young………including an insight into her cheesy (but amazing) musical taste.

What was your favourite band or type of music growing up?

The cheesier the better really, all the pop bands including FIVE, steps and Backstreet Boys but we all knew S Club 7 was the best.

What was your favourite game/activity?

Anything outside preferably involving a ball and mud much to my parents’ delight. 

What were you like when you were at school?

I have always been a chatty student, maybe not always having conversations at the best times. However, I was always quiet during my favourite subject, maths. There is just something enjoyable about having a predetermined method. 

“When I was young”...

Your highest score in Kirby was a must know fact for when making new friends (mines was 137, it took 3 full days of the summer holidays to achieve this). Homemade Rose petal perfume was the best scent to have. 

What is your secret talent/party trick?

I can do an impressive headstand

What is your favourite memory of working at the Youth Agency?

My favourite memory of working with the Youth Agency is watching the most intense game of Jenga. I never realised that Jenga could be built so high whilst only balancing on one block. 

If you could invite anyone along to the Pyramid for a night who would it be and why?

I would invite Tom Hanks because everyone loves Toy Story and he seems like he would get involved in all the fun activities within the Pyramid. 

Why/how did you become a Youth Worker?

My friend was working as a Youth Worker and told me all about it. I thought I would give it a go and I quickly realised that I loved it.