A Trip Down Memory Lane... All About Sarah

As the summer holidays approach it is time for us to take a trip down memory lane with Sarah.

What was your favourite song/band/type of music growing up?

Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Evanescence, My Chemical Romance… you can see where this is heading, I loved “emo” music.

What was your favourite game/activity?

Myspace and MSN – the original Facebook and Messenger of the 2000’s.

What were you like when you were at school? What subjects were good/bad at?

I actually really liked school even though I barely passed every subject I took. I did try, I just don’t have much common sense.  I was good at Geography and absolutely terrible at Physics.

“When I was young…”

I decided that I hated my naturally curly hair and got my hair chemically straightened. On top of that,  I used to dye my hair every other day and spent about an hour each morning using straighteners. The result was I used to walk around with really dry hair that clearly looked like it was going to fall out at any minute. Poor hair L

Tell us a random fact that no one knows about you...

I never learned my 8 and 6 times tables and needed to use my fingers to count out any addition with the numbers 8 or 6. I should probably make an effort to learn it now.

What is your secret talent/party trick?

I have a dislocated pinky toe which I can cross over my other toes… people find this freaky but who else can say they can do that?

What is your favourite memory of working at the Youth Agency?

Having a birthday party for two of the Seniors – it was a really busy night at the Youth Agency with lots of good music, singing and chat.

What is the funniest thing that has happened when you have been working?

I managed to whack my knuckle off the office door while walking at full speed.

If you could invite anyone along to the Pyramid for a night who would it be and why?

I would invite my boyfriend so I can:

Prove I have the better job than he does and let him see all the fun things we get up to in the Pyramid.

Make him jealous that he doesn’t get to do my job all the time.

Meet all the young people I get to work with.

Why/how did you become a Youth Worker?

I remembered that being a teenager had lots of highs and lows and I just wanted to help make the journey into being an adult have a little less of the low bits.

What is the worst thing that has happened to you when you have been working?

I was working with the Junior group and lots of young people were making Hama beads. I had a huge queue of people needing their Hama creations ironed and the Pyramid was about to close. I thought “ if I ironed them all at once that would save time and get them done quicker.”  Turns out, it doesn’t quite work like that and I managed to ruin 2 hours of hard work. Safe to say I keep well away from the iron now!