A Trip Down Memory Lane... All About Stevan

So the holidays are over and schools are back and this month we hear from Stevan.

What was your favourite song/band/type of music growing up?

I never really had one type of music that I was totally into. I am not very musically talented so I just listened to anything and listened to songs that were popular!

What was your favourite game/activity?

I was always out and about after school with friends when I was younger. Sometimes it was organised and we would go out biking, skateboarding or (most of the time) play football and other times it was a bit more rebellious and we would play tap door run or looking for golf balls on the golf course!

What were you like when you were at school? What subjects were good/bad at?

I did fairly well at school for the most part. I was never perfect and got in trouble now and again but I got on well with most of my teachers (I think!!!). My favourite subject was definitely PE as I always enjoyed sports and being active. I always enjoyed French as it helped when I went on holiday to France with my family.

“When I was young”..........

I used to love going out with my mates all the time.  I would get straight home after school and then go out.  We would often play football but most of the time we were just mucking about trying our best to stay out of trouble!

Tell us a random fact that no one knows about you...

I am scared of spiders!

What is your secret talent/party trick?

I can do lots of keepy-uppys with a football.

What is your favourite memory of working at the Youth Agency?

There have been loads of memories over the years but one of my favourites was when Francine, Kenny and I took a group of young people to the Fordell Firs scout centre. We approached a huge outdoor swing which everybody thought would be a doddle. It was about 30ft high (more or less) and you sat in the seat which everybody pulled back as far as it could go until they let go and you went flying in the air up the otherside. It turned out to be one the scariest experiences most of us have had and we all got a real shock! Some of us were even a little bit upset after getting off. We all managed to have a laugh about it afterwards and I still find it funny to this day.

How did you become a Youth Worker?

I actually stumbled across youth work quite unintentionally. In 6th year at school I got involved in Peer education with Yaz and Val. This culminated with going away on a two night residential! I enjoyed the experience so much that I wanted to continue with it in some form or other. I found out about the HNC Working with Communities at Stevenson College from a friend and went on to complete it. During that time I also volunteered at the Youth Agency. I really enjoyed this and eventually got a sessional job. Both the college course and experience I gained at the Youth Agency enabled me to get in to the BA Hons Community Education course at Edinburgh University. Having completed the course now, I am very lucky to have a full time job in youth work as well as working for the Youth Agency - both of which I love!!

What is the worst thing that has happened to you when you have been working?

I don’t really have any bad memories from working for the Youth Agency – but one slightly unpleasant experience involved glow sticks! We were playing with glow sticks in the Pyramid and when I cracked one so that it went luminous, it burst and squirted in my eye. I remember it stinging quite a lot and I had to go to A&E with an eye that glowed in the dark!